This is the largest collection of my photographs. I became interested in street photography early on while  attending art history classes being taught by independent curator and author, Jane Livingston. I have been concentrating on this genre everywhere I go and have incorporated my views of street photography through out my other work. It’s the way I view ordinary objects that has allowed me to branch off into different subjects such as my flight series and man made objects.
There are many aspects to street photography that attract me. One being the use of existing light to take a photo. This concept causes me to study a scene to see how I can use the light to my advantage. Unfortunately at times due to time constraints, decisions must be made fast. That is another attraction I have to the genre. The fact that I must act quickly or the shot is lost.  While being part of a  crowded street scene I won’t let a shot pass me by while others simply walk by with out taking notice of a particular situation or object. Have we become that incorporated in our daily lives? There is great satisfaction in chasing down a subject from a block away and being able to photograph it. Being able to see a scene unfold in front of you, silently waiting for the right moment for the photograph to happen.